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Says mission success I saved 0 dudes :) I think you have a bug with the dudes count.

fun little game, I sense it was made with GameMaker. Cute dudes waving. Funny how you can crash into them and they say “thank you” but if you touch the ground at almost 0 speed you crash :)

Didn’t really fit the theme at all, though.

Yeah, it's not a great game lol, but it is what I managed in 3hrs the first time I used Godot.

 Thanks for checking it out :)

I have an updated version of the game here: and it plays much better.

Very nice! The controls are hard but fun. Maybe touching the bottom of the ship in the rocks shouldn't kill the player.


Thank you and thanks for checking out my game :)

Yeah I totally agree! Unfortunately I didn't have time to add that in the jam game. This was my first time in Godot so I couldn't be as efficient as I would've wanted. I have uploaded an updated (non jam entry) version. That one has exactly what you suggest + more.

Oh yeah, i know how it is. But this is a great first project, congratz!

Thank you!! :)

n1 addforce-  probably tilemap - oncollisionEnter  nice for 3 hours

Thanks :)

Not sure what you mean by n1 addforce- etc.

N1, = nice one 

Oh! Thank you :D

need an autopilot feature 😂



Cute! I'm finding it very difficult and hard to control, but honestly I can't stop playing. Good job!

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One issue I'm seeing is that when I pick up/rescue the spelunkers the counter doesn't increment. This is great, though.


Hey. Thanks for checking it out. I'm glad you like it :)

After you pick up a spelunker bring him back to base. If you're brave pick up many at the same time :D

hmmm.... I collided with one to pick it up and then went back to the base, but there was no indication they had returned. Is colliding with them not how you pick them up?

It is. When you collide with them they say "Thank you" and then you can deliver him at the base.