A downloadable game for Windows

Entry for Dungeon Crawler Game Jam 2021.


  • Turn left/right = Q, E, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Numpad 7, Numpad 9
  • Strafe Left/Right = A, D, Delete, Page Down, Numpad 4, Numpad 6
  • Forward/backward = W, S, Up arrow, Down Arrow, Numpad 8, Numpad 5
  • F5 = Quick save
  • F9 = Quick load
  • Esc = Game menu

So many things had to be either cut entirely or severely simplified due to the time constraints. I still hope you'll like this casual crawler :)


  • Code and art by zooperdan (except a couple art assets. See attribution.txt for details)
  • Music by Travis Sullivan (www.travissullivan.com)

Update log:

version 0.9.4  (post jam)

  • Added volume sliders for music and sound effects.
  • Added continuous movement and turning when holding a key.
  • Changed so you can initiate turning while still moving.

version 0.9.3 (post jam)

  • Fixed: Crash after changing areas and entering combat.
  • Fixed: Broken compass
  • Fixed: The black camp site screen didn't stretch to 100% of the screen at iffy aspect ratios.
  • Fixed: The ranger now actually gives you the gold.
  • Update: The credits screen now include reference to attribution.txt

07.04.2021 - 21:55PM

  • Fixed a bug where the player/camera sometimes ended up begin offset outside the road. 
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused a freeze after dialog windows.

07.04.2021 - 8:24PM

  • Fixed a bug where the world wasn't reset when starting a new game.
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Authorszooperdan, Travsul
GenreRole Playing


kingdom-of-yergoval-0.9.2.zip (Jam version) 116 MB
kingdom-of-yergoval-0.9.3.zip 116 MB
kingdom-of-yergoval-0.9.4.zip 116 MB

Development log


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I'm so impressed with this style!


Thanks :) I appreciate it. I am equally, if not more, impressed with the style of your game :) Very well done!

btw, we have a Discord for fans and developers of these games. I think it's a good match for you :) Visit https://dungeoncrawlers.org/ or https://discord.gg/XerEseQ

(1 edit)

Thank you!
Yeah, I'm the member of discord server! See you there :)

Just downloaded this game!

Thank you. Hope you like it :)


I enjoyed playing it through and hope to see it developed further. It definitely stands out for being made in 7 days. 👍


Thank you. I really appreciate it :) Again thanks for the video :D