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LUMA is laser based sliding puzzle game for Commodore Amiga where the goal is to connect lasers to targets of same color by using mirrors to deflect the beam. Activate the lasers using batteries. Each level must be solved within a specific amount of moves (shifts).

The game has 128 fun and challenging levels!

Can you make it to the end? :) 

How to play

There are two game modes to choose from: Normal and practice.

In normal mode you have limited amounts of shifts per level. If you go beyond the shift limit you will need to retry the level.

You also get a four letter level code which you can later use in the main menu to jump to a certain level.

In practice mode you can use as many shifts as you please. You will not get the level code for the current level. You may skip to next level using F2.


  • Navigate menus and move the ingame cursor using either the arrow keys on your keyboard or your joystick.
  • Press and hold either left ALT or the joystick button while moving cursor to shift underlying object in a direction. The moving object will automatically stop at the first obstruction.
  • Press RETURN or the joystick button to confirm menu choices and close any popup dialogs.
  • Press SPACEBAR to restart the current level.
  • Press F1 to toggle music on/off.
  • Press F2 to skip to next level. (Practice mode only)
  • Pressing ESC when ingame will return you to the mainmenu. Pressing ESC while in the main menu will exit the game.

System requirements

KS 2.x and 1mb chip.


  • Programmed by zooperdan
  • Music by ma2e/dSr (Original songs by RichmondMike)
  • Graphics by Simon Jameson (Adapted for the Amiga by zooperdan)
  • Main menu background by John Blythe.

Original concept by Simon Jameson (Shallan). He made the original LUMA for C64 as part of a charity stream. He later ported LUMA to Mega65.

  • Testing and Balance by Chiswicked, Colt45Rpm, MrG8472, Stepz, OldSkoolCoder
  • Level Design by Airjuri, Akmafin, Amok, Chiswicked, Eldritch, Furroy, MrG8472, OldSkoolCoder, Phaze101, RichmondMike, Shallan, SpritHund, Stepz, Void, Waulok, WizardNJ, zooperdan
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LUMA_1.0.adf 880 kB


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I downloaded it to test the game. HDD install worked like a charm.
But I can't play the game in the emulator (FSUAE on a ubuntu system) since the left alt key is not recognized.
Is there by any chance the possibility to add other keys like left shift or any letter as alternative key?
Will try with my real amiga later.

Ahh, that's a shame. I will fix that in next version. Thanks for letting me know :)

thx for putting this on your list
btw I managed to play the game using an usb gamepad in the emulator
and I think the left alt key can not be grabbed by the emulator since its bind to some system shortcuts like alt+f4 or alt+tab (known from windows but working on gnome as well)

Whow - this is really a cool game, I recorded one of my first sessions playing it:

Is the game AGA?

Not AGA, but it requires ks2.x and 1mb chip.

Lemon entry: LUMA - Amiga Game - Download ADF - Lemon Amiga

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Awesome, thanks :)

Very nice game!

Thank you :) And thank you for the video! It was really entertaining to see you play it. Level 8 is a mindfuck, lol, and then you only have 120 levels left :D