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Hello! Your game looks like the games I loved to play many years ago, good memories. If the idea of your reaching a wider audience sounds good to you, we could work together! I make PT BR - ENG translations. You can read more about it here.

- Alex

On behalf of malko on the forums I post this bug report:

"Fired up the game to quickly check and it finally happens that the bug appears with the battery on the left & laser on the right (whatever height position)"

Thank you for taking the time to post me this bug report :) I am aware of this bug and it will be fixed in next update!

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Great! :) I'll post your answer and am looking forward to the update.

Excellent puzzle game! Many thanks for supporting the Amiga.

Thank you :) I'm glad you like it!

Amiga for life!

Hey Zooperdan - great game! Would it be possible to contact you for a couple of comments about the game for a magazine review (ZZAP!AMIGA)? I am the editor and on Twitter @m_macrae. 

Hey, cheers :) Sure thing. That'd be rad. Just message me on Twitter or we can connect on Discord. I have a feeling we're on some of the same servers.

Really nice game! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 02:19:42. Automatic subtitles should be available soon (switch on, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. :-)


Thanks for picking it up and playing it :) I really appreciate it. Fun to watch the video.

What language is it programmed in?
AMOS, BB, Assembler?

Blitz Basic

I downloaded it to test the game. HDD install worked like a charm.
But I can't play the game in the emulator (FSUAE on a ubuntu system) since the left alt key is not recognized.
Is there by any chance the possibility to add other keys like left shift or any letter as alternative key?
Will try with my real amiga later.

Ahh, that's a shame. I will fix that in next version. Thanks for letting me know :)

thx for putting this on your list
btw I managed to play the game using an usb gamepad in the emulator
and I think the left alt key can not be grabbed by the emulator since its bind to some system shortcuts like alt+f4 or alt+tab (known from windows but working on gnome as well)

Whow - this is really a cool game, I recorded one of my first sessions playing it:

Hey. I'm glad you liked it :) Thank you for playing and making a video! It's fun to watch.

Is the game AGA?

Not AGA, but it requires ks2.x and 1mb chip.

Lemon entry: LUMA - Amiga Game - Download ADF - Lemon Amiga

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Awesome, thanks :)

Very nice game!

Thank you :) And thank you for the video! It was really entertaining to see you play it. Level 8 is a mindfuck, lol, and then you only have 120 levels left :D