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Simple QoL tool for splitting a spritesheet image into separate images to be used in Scorpion Engine. This allows user to save time when updating spritesheets by automating this process.

How to use:

spritesplitter.exe [args]

Example: spritesplitter.exe -columns 4 -rows 4 -input "platform_assets\amiga_ocs\player_walk.png"

This will split player_walk.png into 16 sprites (columns * rows) named player_walk_00x00.png, player_walk_01x00.png etc.

Check out the included readme.txt for more ways to use SpriteSplitter.


Make a batch file with multiple calls to spritesplitter to quickly split multiple spritesheets and update the sprites for Scorpion Engine. Just run the batch file and then run/compile the game.

You can also use the -file parameter (available from 0.4) to specify a text file which contains a list of command operations.

Road map:

Right now this tool is filling my needs when working with Scorpion Engine, but I will develop this further and add more functionality.

Possible future updates: 

  • Parameter for keeping original palette's index order.
  • Let the user control the file output numbering

Update history:


  • Added a -file parameter which let you specify a text file which contains a list of command operations. This is much faster than calling SpriteSplitter multiple times.


  • Added a -region parameter which let you extract a sprite of arbitrary size and location.


  • Changed to named parameter/value pairs for clarity.
  • Added from and to parameters which let you specify range of sprites to be split/separated out from the spritesheet. This is very useful if you have a large unified spritesheet and you want to grab ranges from it and save to different places.
  • Changed so that when output is not specified SpriteSplitter uses the input as a base for the output instead.


spritesplitter_0.4.zip 24 MB


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looks interesting, i will give it a try :)

Thanks :) but it's a tool I made for a very specific purpose when making games for Commodore Amiga using the Scorpion Engine. I guess one could use this in other situations but it's a very simple tool with a single function :D